OCM to Develop an Enhancement Plan for Long Island Course at The National GC


We are absolutely thrilled with our appointment to The National Golf Club, and to be working on an enhancement plan for the Long Island Course.

We have a long history with Long Island going back many decades, from junior golf through pennant and then as we were starting out in the design industry.  It’s built on a lovely piece of tumbling duneland and the original work by Oliver and then improvements by Morcom (Vern) in the 1940’s, made for a seriously good golf course. Short holes like the 3rd and 12th, the long 15th and 17th and the run of holes from the 6th through to 9th are the equal of virtually anything on the sandbelt.  The original green complexes are excellent and when they’re playing firm and fast put a premium on position, as all the best holes on the sandbelt do.

Long Island shares many of the same attributes as the sandbelt courses closer to the City and a lot of our early thoughts look to expand upon these.  Like all courses changes occur over time, and we have enjoyed looking over some of the early plans and aerials of the course to see how the holes have evolved over the last 80 years.  There may be some features that we look to restore and others may benefit from some slight alterations, but importantly our aim is not to lose the feel of what makes Long Island special.