Photos by Gary Lisbon

Lake Karrinyup

Lake Karrinyup is the best course in the west of the country, a result of the work of Alex Russell.

In the mid-2000s Michael Clayton Golf Design rebuilt the greens and bunkers as well as making changes to many holes to keep the course relevant for modern tournament play. Several fairways were widened making the driving ‘easier’ in some cases but the greens all ask to be approached from a particular part of the club’s broad fairways.

The most recent work at the club took place in 2017 and 2018, and involved the re-profiling of all 18 greens to address some agronomic problems.   OCCM were engaged with Mike Cocking acting as the lead designer. As a part of this renovation work, we took the opportunity to reshape all of the bunkers to reclaim the rugged style Russell had originally envisaged when he instructed his construction crew to ‘make them just as they are in (Robert) Hunter’s book.

OCM continue to consult to the club and help advise on long-term design improvements.  Later in 2020 we will be constructing a new 19th hole in the area to the left of the current 18th.


Lake Karrinyup Country Club


Karrinyup, WA, Australia

#21 in Australia (2020 Golf Australia Magazine)

Green and bunker reconstruction (2017 / 2018)
Ongoing consulting