Victoria Golf Club

The home club of Peter Thomson, Doug Bachli and Geoff Ogilvy, Victoria is one of the very best of the sandbelt courses. 

The original Alister MacKenzie influenced course was changed over many years by encroaching vegetation, rough and a reduction in both the size and character of the originally dramatic MacKenzie inspired bunkers. Like so many of the sandbelt courses the greens determine the strategy from the tees because they are best approached from parts other than the middle of the fairways.

We have consulted to the club for two decades and in that time the bunkers have been restored, the influence of the trees reduced and the rough has been replaced by short grass or by uncovering the native sandy ground. 

The most recent work at the club was completed in early 2019 by OCCM with Mike Cocking acting as the lead designer.   The project was a significant step forward for the club, including the complete resurfacing of all 18 greens plus alterations to the design of several greens complexes (5, 12 & 17), a softening of some of the more steeply contoured greens (6, 11 & 13) plus the construction of some new bunkers and tees.  

This is an elegant old club and course, one continuing to evolve and it easily holds its own with the best courses in the country with the 2020 course rankings of #8 in Australia highlighting this fact.


Victoria Golf Club


Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia

Rankings: #8 in Australia (2020 Golf Australia Magazine)
Greens resurfacing project (2018 / 2019)
Selected redesign, restoration and ongoing consultation

    Photos by Airswing Media