Rosebud Country Club

Could there be a more underrated course around Melbourne than Rosebud?

This 36-hole complex has all the ingredients for great golf. Some spectacularly undulating ground – particularly on the North Course – beautiful sandy soil and some great vegetation. Whilst for the most part the trees are non-indigenous (Pines) they make for a unique look and combined with the orange sands they create a great sense of place. So why then do so few seem to know about it?

We hope that’s all about to change and wouldn’t be surprised if in a few years the course ranking echoed the sentiments above. Notwithstanding the club was recently chosen as the qualifying venue for the European Tour School which will also help raise its profile.

In late 2019 we completed a Masterplan and have been working closely with the club this year on mowing lines and work to the vegetation to start linking areas together and generally create a better feeling of space. Later in 2020 or early 2021 we hope to get started on other aspects of the design including bunkering and work to specific holes.


Rosebud Country Club


Rosebud, Victoria, Australia


2020 Course Masterplan